In this podcast we have Simon Chard as our guest. Simon graduated from Kings College London in 2012. In 2017 he took over his father’s dental practice, which he now co-owns with his wife Meghan. In 2015 Simon was voted the Best Young Dentist in London and recently he was selected as the 4th most influential dentist in UK dentistry. He is a Key Opinion Leader for Cerec, ambassador for Slow Dentistry and co-founder of Pärla Toothpaste Tabs. In this podcast we talk about Simons morning routine, the use of Cerec in daily practice and the origin of Pärla.

PODCAST 23: SIMON CHARD2021-04-13T13:17:16+02:00


In this podcast we have Thomas Taha as our guest. Thomas is a London based dentist, known on Instagram as @drth.co.uk. Thomas is a restorative dentist who mainly focuses on reconstructive dentistry. In all of his treatments his goal is to copy nature as precise as possible. In this podcast Thomas tells about his courses, his work and he will give you multiple tips to improve your work.

PODCAST 4: THOMAS TAHA2020-04-06T09:46:10+02:00


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