When you look up the definition of Karma you find the following:

Karma is (in Hinduism and Buddhism) the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences. In general, we can say that with Karma we mean that everything we do, think or say eventually will come back to us. ‘What goes around comes around’. 

Karma is connected to every aspect of our lives, so also in our dentistry. A quick and easy fix of a first-aid problem presented by a patient that you don’t solve properly and against your intuition will eventually come back to you. And this leads to frustration for you and the patient. Most of the times we blame other aspects than ourselves for the failures that happen due to our treatments. Sometimes it looks like we have forgotten (mostly driven by money) how dentistry actually should be executed. We should follow the biological and technical guidelines to provide high quality, predictable and durable dentistry so at the end of the day we can be proud and feel fulfilled. But unfortunately it looks like we, as dentists, sometimes forget the ‘why’. 

The Why

The ‘why’ is the basis of Karma. Why does someone has these symptoms. Why do I choose this treatment over the other? Why does my patient accept my treatment plan when I present it properly? To convince our patients, our team and ourselves of the way we should act, we should first define the ‘why’. It doesn’t matter ‘what’ you do, it doesn’t matter ‘how’ you do it, but it does matter ‘why’ you do it. Only if we define and know the ‘why’ we can provide high quality, predictable and durable dentistry. This is what Karma stands for.

What we want to achieve

What we want to achieve is that you, as a dentist, discover the ‘why’. We want you to be inspired to perform dentistry as it should be.
Although we can provide you with our vision, you must be ready to explore and accept your own and make the necessary changes.

Make big changes with small steps

The steps we want to show you are directly applicable in your daily routine. High-end treatments translated into simple, practical and accessible content. You choose your own tempo and you will notice that each step will give you positive energy. And positive energy is what life, dentistry and the ‘why’ is all about.

Introduction video