Mindful Dentistry Training


This course is a collaboration with the DSD-group from Christian Coachman. The DSD-group is based in Madrid, Spain. All lectures are pre-recorded and will cover all aspects related to Digital Smile Design (DSD).

Learning Objectives

The topics of the 8 lectures are:

  1. Masterclass Smile Rehabiliation
  2. Masterclass Lite Dentistry
  3. Masterclass Aligners
  4. Masterclass Smile Design
  5. Architect of Smiles and Dreams
  6. Confident Smile vs. Perfect Smile
  7. The four components of a successful educational experience
  8. The DSD-clinic project
  • Course timings: +- 5 hours

  • Location: Online

  • Speaker: Christian Coachman

  • Fee: Free

  • What do I get? 8 lectures of different lengths

  • Advised level of expertise: Dentist, Dental Hygienist or student

  • Study Load: Approximately 5 hours

  • Needed special requirements:

  • Qualifications to be obtained: None

  • Information about study material provided and / or material yet to be purchased:
    This course consists of 8 lectures with different lengths. The total study load is approximately 5 hours. You don’t need to purchase any materials for this course.

  • Accreditation: 5 KRT points

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